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Since 1985, Phoenix Gold have dared to be different, never afraid to take chances with product design, engineering and innovation and 2014 is no different. Phoenix Gold is constantly exploring new technologies, driven to elevate the standard of excellence.

2014 Brings on some great new products including the new
Phoenix Gold SX and RX ranges of amplifier's, speaker's and sub woofer's.
For decades, Phoenix Gold has been one of the most respected and well known manufacturers of high-end mobile audio products. Every Phoenix Gold component upholds the legacy, incorporating unique technologies that are the direct result of ongoing innovation. In this tradition, we are proud to present our 2014 catalog of products continuing our dedication to our key values of performance, innovation, quality, and excellence

So whether you're a Bass head, an Audiophile or an all-around Music Lover, Phoenix Gold has got you covered


Product Spotlight

Phoenix Gold SX Series Amplifiers

The all new Phoenix Gold SX Series of amplifiers offer excellent power for small footprint size. Featuring full-range Class D topology that seamlessly delivers outstanding sound quality that even the most sensitive of ears will enjoy. Available in 4 Channel, 5 Channel and Mono block Amplifiers

Click here for more information on the SX Range of amplifiers